Salento’s sea is among the best in Italy. The Salento peninsula is probably the part of the Italian coast with the greatest concertation of beautiful beach holiday destinations; from the Ionian to the Adriatic coast, including Capo di Leuca, holidaymakers are spoilt for choice; there are so many places to go swimming, sunbathe and admire nature.

The Salento Coast is characterised by sandy beaches and cliffs that drop steep into the sea. It is virtually impossible to mention them all.

Melendugno Coastal Area: San Foca, wide and sandy; Torre dell’Orso, beautiful fine sandy beach set between rocks and large pine woods. Both have large towers overlooking the sea.

Otranto, historic town near Alimini, a popular beach destination where small fresh water lakes connect to the sea; Castro and Santa Cesarea, with cliffs that drop into the sea, lots of caves and thermal springs; the beautiful area of Capo di Leuca.

On the Ionian Coast, Gallipoli, popular sandy beach with rocky enclaves; Marina di Nardò, with the beautiful areas of Santa Caterina and Porto Selvaggio; Porto Cesareo, fine sandy beach and clear waters; and many others.

The water of Salento’s sea is among the most appreciated in Italy, as it is one of the cleanest and has amazing different tones of blue.

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